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Change. Transition. Transformation.

Personal. Professional.

For Life.

 Leap Forward Faster.

We deliver solutions that empower individuals to grow, manage, thrive and lead their best lives. 


Fast. Easy. Simple.

Change Skills for All

Change is constant, whether we are making it, or it happens to us. Yet, few of us are offered knowledge, tools and techniques to build personal Change Management skills.

CRUSH. has been helpful to individuals aged

15 - 80+, across a diverse range of education, culture, gender, skill, status, responsibility, mindsets and background. Crush is available

as a micro-workshop, available today.

“I've done a number of training/coaching sessions, I think the magic of the Crush is in its concision and usability.  It's great material packed neatly into a defined, short period. 


But, it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

It feels neat, comprehensible and practical....”

C-Suite Legal Officer,

Global Consumer Company

Crush. for  Leaders & Teams

is a high impact addition to any leadership or employee program, professional organizations, conferences and events.

Crush.Team, is a highly beneficial mental break, to normal online event or meeting programs, especially in this unusual time of high stress and change in all parts of our lives.

The unique Crush format enables a broad profile of attendees to participate- mentally and emotionally re-focused and refreshed in an hour or less.

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 Brite Catalyst was sparked 4 years ago, at the request of a high-achieving executive. Overwhelmed by the volume of change, inbound (digital) noise, and expert advice, she wanted a way to clarify and focus her own Authentic Intelligence.


We had no idea how prescient her request would be- as our first focus was around personal change management, especially for the unexpected.


Our first brand, Crush. provides fast, simple and smarter ways for individuals to manage change, build adaptability and resilience.


our catalytic spark.