Change. Transition. Transformation.

Personal. Professional.

For Life.

 Leap Forward Faster.

We deliver solutions to help people find balance and direction

within the ever present whirlwind of change

that impacts all parts of our lives. 


Fast. Easy. Simple.

Change Skills for All

Our lives are spent in constant change, whether we are making it, or it happens to us. Yet, few of us are offered knowledge, tools and techniques to build personal Change Management skills.


We’ve spent years developing a simple, fast and easy methods to help (nearly) everyone gain skills to discover, map out and keep confident, and clear, as they flow towards their, What's Next.

  We call this series of services, CRUSH., and so far it's benefited people aged 15 - 80+, across a diverse range of education, culture, gender, skill, status, responsibility and mindsets.

“I've done a number of training/coaching sessions, I think the magic of the Crush is in its concision and usability.  It's great material packed neatly into a defined, short period. 


But, it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

It feels neat, comprehensible and practical....”

C-Suite Legal Officer,

Global Consumer Company

Crush. for Teams

is a high impact addition to any leadership or employee program, professional organizations, conferences and events.

Crush.Team, is a highly beneficial mental break, to normal online event or meeting programs, especially in this unusual time of high stress and change in all parts of our lives.

The Crush. is available as a Mastery Talk, a single event, or a private group program in 60 min., 90 min. or 120 min. formats.


Member gift subscriptions and white-label options are available on request.

The unique Crush format enables a broad profile of attendees to participate- mentally and emotionally re-focused and refreshed in an hour or less.

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Sparks Happen.

Our first product was sparked 4 years ago, at the request of a busy executive. Overwhelmed by the volume of change and inbound (digital) noise and too many choices in self growth, wellness and productivity, selecting the right solution was impossible. Her Authentic Intelligence had been muted.


Our quick, simple, repeatable solutions (workshops, information and more) help anyone get a fast sketch of their personal and professional what, when and how. We believe that not everyone can be a "guru", but with the right tools and information to access and understand your brain's Authentic Intelligence, anyone can spark their inner You-ru.

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