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We spark simple ways for you to choose your best self.

We deliver solutions that empower individuals to grow, manage, thrive, and lead their best lives. 

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 Leap Forward Faster.

We developed workshops, technology, and navigation to help you get through life's challenges, faster.

Our Services

Paper Craft

“I've done a number of training/coaching sessions, I think the magic of the Crush is in its concision and usability.  It's great material packed neatly into a defined, short period. 


But, it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

It feels neat, comprehensible and practical....”

C-Suite Legal Officer,

Global Consumer Company

wellness wisdom. coming soon.

Crushers from all walks of life have shared their journeys through change. We've had 7 years to listen to their wisdom. Now, in 2023, we're introducing our response.

If you're interested in Wellness, we'd love to hear from you.


BriteCatalyst was sparked in 2015, at the request of a high-achieving executive. Overwhelmed by the volume of change, inbound (digital) noise, and expert advice. The ask? A way to clarify, focus and harness their own Authentic Intelligence.


We had no idea how prescient this request would be- as we worked to create a easy, repeatable method for individuals to keep centered, curious and flowing forward - even in high change and especially when the unexpected happens.


Our first service, Crush has now supported over 2000 individuals and teams across every walk of life. Crushers enjoy fast, simple and affordable micro-workshops, to listen to their own wisdom, get more from existing practices they use, and shift from fear to flow in all parts of their lives.

Through it all we've been listening carefully to stories of triumph through life transition. Stay tuned, we'll be sharing our "what's next" in the coming months.

our catalytic spark.

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